RIP Chas Hodges 1943 – 2018

A bit late on this but RIP to Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave. Much derided but they did put out some genuine classes. And Snooker Loopy, which in my humble opinion is actually pretty good. Anyway, hope there’s a beer on the sideboard in the beyond…


You want a declaration
an admission
that the insolvable that you caught sight of
is my folly
not my fact

A figment of my fantasy
not a condition
of my existence

How much easier it would be
to talk around a day dream
than it is
to live within a reality

Out There

Camberwell Green

A land where the pub tribute
beats the original
and the original
is a bit too much

Where the Other is fine
when far away
and terrifying
in close proximity

Where the drink is necessary
but never natural
and taken in
to erode unself
away from true self

At once alien
and the most normal land
yet discovered


She became my boiler, me her leaky tap. We passed daily, reminding each other that we each existed with small moments of mutual irritation. Attention beyond that was limited to the bare necessities that we imagined were maintenance enough.

In the end she had me replaced. I just stopped trying – cold showers aren’t so bad.