When You’re Done


When you find yourself buying the dreams you used to make
with immature passion
as an ignorant expansion
of those feelings with no name

When the naked truth has found an outfit
selected from the screen
where nothing is left laid bare
but a desperate need to be seen

When what you see isn’t your hallucination
but a dopamine released purchase
from a shiny suit
or dead end alley

When you’re done,
it’s a long way back to the beginning

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A Life Well Lived


A minor thing, but dedicated to Kathleen ‘Daish’ Winkley nonetheless.

A life well lived
is never ended
From graves or ashes
hands reach out
fingers extend
to brush against the living

To wipe away tears
stroke hope into the hopeless
caress the unseen
and hold the lost in a grip
that never loosened
reaches us all


Your life well lived
is never ended

Featured image by Lucas Iacono.




What was once forgotten
is remembered just the same
lessons learned made vivid
old names cried out in vain

Moments long made history
alive in present tense
undead steps to dead ends
too late for recompense

Old journeys are now over
tracks lost in choking dust
with the next step just another
pushing onwards
as we must

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No Cure for Shell Shock


‘No Cure for Shell Shock’ – bonus points if you remember the poem that name comes from – is my newest work in progress. At the moment it’s about 70% of the way to completion, give or take, without including the design, editing and formatting side of things. It’s definitely on the home stretch though which is why I’m writing about it now.

It’ll be a very different piece from either Crashed America or Laikanist Times. The style is far more ‘literary’, for what that label’s worth and given the subject matter it’ll be a far heavier read too. Which, hopefully, is no bad thing. A mix between micro-fiction, short stories and poetry it’s a collection rather than a single coherent story and in case you hadn’t guessed it’s about war. Not about the conflict itself but about the human result of it, the instances and effects that the individuals involved endure.

I’m not writing from experience here, nor am I aiming to present any ‘truth’ from the subject. Instead I’m trying to present potential ways to understand those experiences which lie so far beyond the normal realm of human life as to be incomprehensible. It’s an outsider’s attempt to make sense of what is so easily judged and so seldom understood about the frayed edges of human experience. I feel that personal ignorance is worth stating more than once. With everything human the only real representation is the original, everything else is an aspiring imitation polluted for better or worse by the creator.

I’ll be posting sporadic updates on my progress whenever I’ve got anything to add and I’ll also be releasing a few excerpts through this and other sites. I’ll also be setting up a pre-order deal when we’re closer to the release date so make sure to check back – or even better, sign up to the newsletter below so you don’t miss out on anything.

Over and out.

– Dylan

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