Efe Loco : Grande Exitos

More Hip Hop which I can’t understand a word of, the ideal content for me to gain a profound understanding of, of course. Still, as is my usual view of these things, even with a genre so absolutely reliant on lyricism as Hip Hop there’s still something to be heard when it’s listened to almost as a purely instrumental entity. After all, good production can cover for the worst of Rappers but the best of Rappers will still lose out if he’s stuck with a bad beat. Music’s all about the feel, not the intellectual content. Which is nicely pretentious, no? Continue reading “Efe Loco : Grande Exitos”

Daddy_Scrabble – Thingy

Languorous, luscious and at times slightly torturous Trip Hop/Folk/Jazz today courtesy of Daddy_Scrabble and Black Lantern Music. ‘Thingy’ is a five track EP which meanders along, revelling in brooding, slightly paranoia inducing orchestral structures, not quite manifesting itself as a truly unnerving listening experience but doing just enough in mixing isolated delicacy with surprisingly charming if pessimistically inclined Trip Hoppery. Continue reading “Daddy_Scrabble – Thingy”

Money Matters

Marketing, managers, production, PR, information management, lackies who bring the coffee and secretly resent you so deeply that they routinely gob in your drink and of course the hangers on and followers who make the whole gig roll along – all the perks of a musical corporate adventure. Continue reading “Money Matters”

Circling Sharks

Ideals are Free

Last time out I did a fairly limited job of advocating a skill sharing site which, as a lesser function, I believed could help someartists earn some money – a suggestion which led to extensive debate and proved, if it needed proving, that opinions on money in the free music community are divided say the least. A discussion emerged though and, despite disagreements, it remained a matter for those within the wider community to discuss – today I’m asking what happens if an issue like that is taken out of our control; what happens if the sharks close in? Continue reading “Circling Sharks”