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The Heroes of Kony 2012

It’s always cool to be one of the good guys. The good guys stand tall, they win and then later on, over port and cigars on a white sanded beach beneath the glowing sun, they get to feel all righteous and validated. At least that’s how I imagine things going when you stand up to the injustices and sufferings inflicted upon the innocent of the world. And like so many I do my utmost to ignore that nagging feeling that generally disapproving of things and being right on when it comes to the latest burgeoning news story doesn’t really count as taking a stand against the mad, bad and depressingly dangerous nutjobs that our species breeds so well. And as with human interaction, productivity, identity, self-awareness and knowledge that most wondrous of things, the internet, is there to tell me not to worry and, instead, to start a Facebook page. Because as the old adage goes, evil wins when good men don’t click ‘like’. Continue reading The Heroes of Kony 2012