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YouSir – Hostile Takeover EP

Just a little something I made years and years ago. Recently disappeared from the internet as the site it was on culled their archives, so here it is again on Band Camp. It was a labour of love, although possibly not much talent but I’m still happy to have it out there. And it’s free to stream/download so feel free to have a listen. Electronic noodlings.


Natasha Kmeto : The Ache


Normally I limit myself to frowning disapprovingly at glitchy Electronica for having too many disjointed, discordant beats for my more refined tastes. Add to that the penchant for self indulgent meanderings from the producers who throw themselves into it with more than a handful of releases I come across about which all you can really say is that it’s ‘interesting’ in the tone of voice that whispers ‘crap’ beneath the half hearted compliment. Listening to The Ache though I’m finding myself a bit more amenable to the sonic awkwardness scattered throughout. Continue reading Natasha Kmeto : The Ache


Professor Kliq : The Scientific Method, Volume II Experiments in Sound Perspective

Professor Kliq – The Scientific Method, Volume II Experiments in Sound Perspective (Jamendo)

When an album has a title like that I can’t help but naturally assume that it’s going to sound terrible. Words like ‘experimental’ and ‘abstract’ all too often equate in muso language to someone getting carried away with themselves and telling everyone over and over again that 90 minutes of random noises is the future of music as opposed to a simple excersize in audio masturbation with ProTools. But hey, judge not an album by its title for it may well mean fuck all. Or it may mean rather less than your worst assumptions would suggest. Continue reading Professor Kliq : The Scientific Method, Volume II Experiments in Sound Perspective


YouSir : Hostile Takeover

Now making music is far from my forte but like all good obsessives I had a crack at it and the Hostile Takeover EP was the final product of my addiction. A kindly soul and fellow reviewer (at Recent Music Heroes) was generous, or mistaken, enough to say of it:

Hostile Takeover kicks off proceeding with Kraftwerk-esque cadences to come over into some hip-hop overthrows (A Message From Our Sponsors (The Dogstar Corporation). No doubt, YouSir loves coming down into a kind of DIY-near fun, shuffling around rigid sonic matter, burbling synths, crisscrossed electronics and angular rhythm stuff. 
Which is a fairly glowing endorsement for my own novice efforts. Anyway, one day I’ll no doubt turn my attentions make to sonic meddling but for now here stands the testament to my own little discography.