Kauders – Brian Invited June

Some musical ideas always seem better on paper than they do when manifested for the listener. The same can be said of all art I suppose, or at least all art where the process is internal to one creator; the force of that seed of inspiration means that it takes form before there’s any pause given to actually consider what’s being done. It’s certainly the habitual curse of experimental efforts where the often vast intricacy of the sound becomes too immediate and clear to the maker to ever offer more than a mess of contradictions and absurdism to the listener. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t work at times but the successes are far rarer than the failures and the victims of their own perceived creativity and genius are far more common than those innovators who have actually created something from the seed of an idea which is worth hearing beyond the walls of their own reality tunnel. Anyway, enough of the preamble because there is actually a review to be done here. Continue reading “Kauders – Brian Invited June”

Entertainment for the Braindead : Roadkill

Entertainment for the Braindead – Roadkill

Another Entertainment for the Braindead release, another gushing review from me..? We-ell we’ll see about that. Roadkill is Julia Kotowski’s fifth release and follows on from a very fine tradition of Folk-Pop goodness which has marked her out as one of my favourite CC musicians, whose previous efforts still find themselves dominating my playlists from time to time. So naturally I approach any new release from the German multi-instrumentalist and all round talented type with a certain degree of enthusiastic hope, as well as high expectations for anything new to live up to. Continue reading “Entertainment for the Braindead : Roadkill”