London’s Burning

Written in the immediate aftermath of the 2011 London Riots…

The flames are dying down and the media hysteria is switching over from apocalyptic prophecies of dark hordes of ferral youths destroying the fabric of society to tired cliches from politicians. Declaring their terror and disgust at recent events and promising to crack down on anyone and everyone they can find in possession of a hoodie or some nicked Tesco‚Äôs own brand vodka. The local gossip, which for about two days was running rife across South East London has also died down to a lazier, less tense dissection of events over pints and cups of tea. The hyper-aware proliferation of imagined mobs marching on largely unscathed areas of the metropolis suddenly seen as the implausible excitability of people who, for the most part, wandered half dazed and half excited through the whole event. Continue reading “London’s Burning”

Future of Reviewing

It’s probably an act of perfect timing on my part, observing the slow and arduous decay of the print medias, the proliferation of digital downloading (legal and otherwise), the advent of Spotify and; and then deciding that my new favourite past-time would be reviewing some of the most readily available, free music there is. Continue reading “Future of Reviewing”