Giraffula : Sounds By

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Not my usual cup of tea but a nice enough dose of Electro Indie nonetheless.

The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab cover

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab (Jamendo)

The normal habit for people posting their work on Jamendo is to say ‘we can’t define ourselves by a genre’, which is annoying and usually completely untrue but such is life I suppose. A rather more bizarre habit though is to list genres which you clearly have nothing to do with, which I can only assume The Wagner Logic did by accident when they typed ‘Punk’ in the little box given that, in the words of Bill Bailey, they’re about ‘as Punk as Enya’. Now I hope it was a typo on their behalf but it could just be that in the wilds of Alaska anyone who manages to stir themselves from their hibernation long enough to cobble together an album of rather dull Indie is rated as a radical free spirit, raging against the system and fighting the machine, or polar bears, or whatever it is Alaskans do. Continue reading “The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab”

The Wind Whistles – Animals Are People Too


The Wind Whistles – Animals Are People Too (Aaahh Records)

Another release here from those prolific purveyors of Indie Folk, Aaahh Records who, as well as being home to the habitually excellent Julia Kotowski (also known as Entertainment for the Braindead) play host to Canadian strummers ‘The Wind Whistles’. Who, for those not in the know, have been reviewed on this here blog once before in a relatively polite and likeable way. Continue reading “The Wind Whistles – Animals Are People Too”

The Shark Bubbles : Night Train

Ever cutting edge in my musical tastes I’m sitting down today to review an EP from 2006 that’s made by a band who have an album freshly released this year. Pitchfork and NME evidently have nothing on me, well, NME certainly doesn’t but in this day and age that’s not much of a boast to make. So, why am I living in the past? Because as is routine with the world of free music you’re largely as likely to find something 3 years after its release as you are to find it 2 days after release, a wonderful bit of time warping for the lazy among us who build their musical collection on the back of smashing random buttons and waiting for something to download. Continue reading “The Shark Bubbles : Night Train”

The Black Atlantic : Reverence For Fallen Trees

Soup Indie is, as far as I know, a genre that I’m the only one to have ever mentioned. Which either makes it a unique act of observation worthy of one of the most transcendant geniuses of our time or, and this is the more likely reason, it’s just a bit of a shit definition which no one else has any use for. Either way I stand by it, for the sake of arrogance if nothing else, I made it up, it must have some use to someone. Anyway, for the uninitiated, Soup Indie as I use it refers to that sub-genre of Indie (and occasionally Folk) which overwhelmingly seeks to submerge the listener in an audio duvet, where they can sit insulated from the rest of the universe and let their mood be dictated by the warm, unthreatening tones of the music. It’s a good genre, sometimes, and even if it’s rather unlikely to inspire any solid emotion or passion it does at least offer a comfortable neutrality which can be indulged in during all those times where life demands nothing more than a little indifference. And I’m going to start using the term more too, which is pure arrogance again I suspect. Continue reading “The Black Atlantic : Reverence For Fallen Trees”