Sleep.shy : Gallapagos Inn

Stop, start, stop, start, stop, start. A curious album today. Technically I suppose it’d be ‘Indie’ and, unlike most, I do place some stock in the concept of genres given that most musicians who say they can’t define themselves in such an ordered manner are usually just a bit deluded and desperate to feel different. Anyway, Galapagos Inn, Indie, with a dash of Electro, a hefty dollop of Folk and a dribble of something a bit more abstract. Potentially a nice mix but one which, to a certain degree, leads back to my opening statement of ‘start, stop, start, stop’, which wasn’t intended to be as cryptic as it perhaps seemed. Continue reading “Sleep.shy : Gallapagos Inn”

Keshco : Accountants By Day

A bit of a mongrel offering today with ‘Accountants By Day’ from Kescho, released on the Swedish net label 23 Seconds – from which on the first listen alone you can pick up hints of everyone from Donovan to The Libertines, via The Coral, The Fugs and any number of ‘odd’ Indie in-betweeners, which isn’t a bad mix at all really although it does make for something of a scattered album. Continue reading “Keshco : Accountants By Day”