Mr Loop & Mark from the Zoo : ZooLoop

There are plenty of good producers floating around out there, throw a metaphorical brick around these parts and you’re almost guaranteed to hear it bouncing catchily off of an instrumental album which at the very least is decent. Mr Loop, however, is amongst the best and not just because his sampled style genuinely rings out as smart, intricate and interesting regardless of the lyrics laid over them.

The reason why there’s been a streak of top end releases like The Bury All, Music from the Tannhauser Gate and The Crow isn’t just that Mr Loop’s good at what he does, although that certainly helps, it’s that unlike a whole army of aspiring producers out on the fringes, he actually finds and works with the right people. All the usual complaints about the artistry of the production being mired in cheap, lazy or clichéd flows are silenced when it comes to Mr Loop. Even where I’ve been less than stunned by the vocal contributions, as was the case on The Crow with the Kojak Brothers there’s still an awareness coming up from the beat of what works for the rapper and what doesn’t. Continue reading “Mr Loop & Mark from the Zoo : ZooLoop”

7 From the Abyss

During the process of digging through and re-posting all the reviews I did have backed up from Beat Lizard I’ve become acutely aware of the big gapping holes left by the ones I’ve lost. An unknown number of reviews, articles and features are unhappily now lost to the dark forests of electronic oblivion where I can only hope their spirits (for all lost writing has a soul – as any fool knows) have deftly avoided the shortbread house and instead found peace in a palace full of 72 virgin maids granted by the Almighty in deference to the good work they did in spreading the holy word of good music. And as is ever the way those of us left behind must keep up the good work with ever renewed vigor so, tears choked back and heart turned to ice, I’m going to give a brief fumbling seeing to to those albums I have loved enough to write about but which have been lost to the written archives of The Laikanist… Continue reading “7 From the Abyss”

Ras Amerlock : 2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)

Ras Amerlock – 2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)

Dub is rarely percieved as a genre with a tendency towards variety for reasons which, to most, are fairly obvious. After all, most Dub actually *is* fairly similar and with the basics of the beat almost engrained in the foundations of the music there’s limited scope for creative dabbling. Sure, you can go all out Electronic, or you can hold hard to traditionalism, or choose one of the paths in between the two but ultimately it remains a struggle to truly burst out of the confines of convention. Continue reading “Ras Amerlock : 2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)”

ETHX : Boom To Bloom

ETHX – Boom To Bloom

It’s a rarity within the CC world to come across a new album, from an act you don’t know which does in fact have some star quality to it. Not that fame is any measure of quality of course, but discovering something with one third/half of Political/Alternative Hip-Hoppers ‘The Coup’ making some notable contributions still appeals at least a little to my sense of celeb stalking. Of course any notion of that would rely on you having heard of ‘The Coup’ in the first place, which I’m sure many didn’t, but seek out some of their stuff nonetheless; it should make for a worthwhile listen. Continue reading “ETHX : Boom To Bloom”