RIP Chas Hodges 1943 – 2018

A bit late on this but RIP to Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave. Much derided but they did put out some genuine classes. And Snooker Loopy, which in my humble opinion is actually pretty good. Anyway, hope there’s a beer on the sideboard in the beyond…

Culture Cargo Cult

Just a quick heads up to say that recently I’ve been working on a new side project – a kind of poetry and prose journal site called Culture Cargo Cult.

Only just started posting work there having drummed up some submissions and if you’re a writer yourself and looking for a platform to share on then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all the submission details over there. And if you’re a reader in search of something new be sure to check it out and spread the good word too if you get a chance.

So far I’ve not included any of my own work there although no doubt I will sooner or later. For now thought the focus is on finding other contributors and getting a feel for what sort of stuff it’ll cover.

Anyway – Culture Cargo Cult, have a look.

Crashed America – Free eBook

Crashed America by Dylan Malik Orchard Novel

Another book going out for free today – Crashed America, my first novel. Available in a variety of formats or you can grab the physical copy here. As always if you enjoy it, share it and review it – you can also donate direct to me here if you’re feeling an over-abundance of love.

When Joe sets off for those United States of America he has a whole Crashed America by Dylan Malik Orchard Novellist of plans, dreams, schemes and delusions to be lived out against an idealised Americana backdrop. Killing Jesus isn’t exactly among them but, as ever, life does its own thing.

After crashing in Alabama Joe finds himself caught up in the prelude to the End of Days, with the Devil on one side, a Hillbilly clan on the other and the whole spectrum of crazy in between – from a Satanic Reagan to good old boys Waco and ET. None of which makes any sense to him, or his new found companion the born again atheist Father Fitzpatrick but with enough moonshine, guns, nuns, demons and backwoods mysticism he might just make it through. Although the rest of the world might not.

Crashed America PDF

Crashed America EPUB

Crashed America MOBI

You can also buy the paperback copy here.

No Cure for Shell Shock – Free eBook

No Cure for Shell Shock Cover

To start with the good bit – my collection of poetry and prose, No Cure for Shell Shock, is available as a free download if you just click below.

No Cure for Shell Shock (PDF)

No Cure for Shell Shock is intended as the antithesis to the war story. Each part of this collection of poetry and short pieces was designed to search for those lost, silent moments which shape the human experience of conflict but which are left unmarked and uncommented on in the aftermath.

Anti-war by intent the focus throughout is on the human, attempting to find the self that endures beyond comprehension and judgement.

I’ve decided to make it free, for now, because I honestly just wanted to give something away. It’s easy to get lost in the grind of writing when it’s so often overshadowed by the hyper-mercenary ‘creative industry’. You start to myopically focus all your attentions on becoming part of it, or generating enough cash to validate your work. Truth is though writing is writing, it might be tossed about and effected by the society it takes place in, but the joy of it is in the work itself, not in how it’s framed. Being able to just share something, share a set of thoughts and ideas I felt were important as I wrote them, is a nice break from that mentality and a minor rebellion against it. Plus you get a free book, so it’s nice all round.

To contradict that spirit a bit though – I’m not averse to money and I’m sure as hell not rich. So if you fancy chipping in to support my meagre lifestyle then you can also buy NCfSS as a paperback here. Or you can grab any of my other work of course. Plus you can donate with the button below, if you’re feeling overly rich and generous.

Dylan's Donate Button

You can also support me without spending a penny by recommending or reviewing my work on your platform of choice, it’s always appreciated.

For now though- enjoy.

– Dylan

Side note: I’ve made it available as a .pdf to start with as most devices can read them without problems. Plus, given that it’s a mix of poetry and prose, it’s hard to convert it into an epub (or similar) format without messing with the structure. If you don’t care about that and just want the words then I recommend Calibre for all your file conversion needs. Also, if you’re reading it on a phone or mobile device, Aldiko is a good ereader app – like Calibre it’s free.

Leaving on a jet plane…

… don’t know when I’ll be back again. And so on.

This Sunday I’m off to Nepal for three months, probably. Maybe for longer, or maybe travelling on to somewhere else, or maybe dashing back as soon as I can. Who can say?

Anyway, this trip is a mix between straight forward holiday – because I want one – working trip, because I have a crap load of half finished stories that need writing and pilgrimage to see some big mountains, because I love big mountains. Not walking up them mind, just being in their vicinity and staring at them. Something a city like London always denies you, the chance to see a horizon which isn’t man made, a horizon which is completely indifferent to the human condition and the day to day experience of it. Very liberating, I think, although it’s been a long time since I saw anything that wasn’t just more walls and buildings.

As I mentioned I will, hopefully, be writing a lot as I go. Not about Nepal particularly, unless I can find something worth saying about it, but about everything else. I’ll post here as and when I can, either new work or just updates on my journey and by the time I get back I should have a lot of new stuff to share.

While I’m out there I should also be able to unveil a new project I’ve been involved in which is currently in its final stages. A short film based on one of my stories. I’ve seen the current edit and it’s worth looking forward to but as it’s currently being polished off and submitted to festivals I can’t share it quite yet. Either way, one to keep an eye out for.

Anyway, expect more when I’ve skipped the concrete cave of London and jetted off to Kathmandu, like cool cats do.