Incessant Silence

Every word ever spoken is insufficient to tell one truth that needs to be told so we speak more to evade failure’s silence Be sure to check out my new book No Cure for Shell Shock.


Do you remember that moment when it came to matter? Matter enough not to do or say what you should, when judgement put it beyond what you could? When words and actions reached out to send tremors through foundations that…


Chip away the rock on which you stand to offer clearer views and wait nervously for the collapse to bury you Be sure to check out my new book No Cure for Shell Shock.

Steps in the Grey City

Treading through technicolour with monochrome feet bringing dull grey-tone with each step as if all vivid shades were an infection killed by unintended antibodies purging the sickness of vision before the choice is made to live it or not Eventually…

The Self in Self

There is no goddamn darkness at the center of your soul no more than there’s an abyss in the fetid sewers below There is no tortured victim no brooding martyr’s death no struggling Prometheus or upgrade from all the rest…