The Dada Weatherman : The Green Waltz


The Dada Weatherman – The Green Waltz (Jamendo)

It’s one of the best bits of Creative Commons music, the fact that you can randomly download something simply because you like the bands name. In fact you can download a dozen albums a day without pausing for a second to think about whether it’s worth it, it turns the internet into one big sweet shop for the wide eyed kids of the music loving world, free to jam audio chocolate down our throats until we’re left bloated, vomiting and suffering from occasional heart pain and diabetes. It’s got to be one of the few settings where greed really is good. Although clearly not one where the metaphors bring similar joy. Continue reading “The Dada Weatherman : The Green Waltz”

Mr. Racoon : Katy


Mr. Racoon – Katy (Delhotel Records)

This is the first album I’ve gotten around to reviewing from Mexican Net Label ‘Delhotel Records’, which is something to a surprise given the rather hefty back catalogue they can boast and the element of novelty entailed in finding a Mexican Net Label in a world of free music dominated by Europeans and Yanks. But I’ve finally gotten round to giving something from their extensive stable more than a cursory once over and I’m not disappointed that I did. Continue reading “Mr. Racoon : Katy”

Keyboard Rebel : Pop Grenade

Keyboard Rebel – Pop Grenade (Aaahh Records)

Billed, apparently, as Indie Mavericks by both themselves and the Aaahh Records NetLabel (also home to the rather better Entertainment for the Braindead) Keyboard Rebel are a Pop Folk outfit hailing from the barren North, or Manchester, as it’s otherwise known. Pop Grenade, their first release on Aaahh unfortunately does little to live up to the grandiose tag, feeling less like deconstruction of the Pop song and more like twee ‘eccentricity’ by numbers. Continue reading “Keyboard Rebel : Pop Grenade”

Four Eyed Boy : Sueños


Four Eyed Boy – Sueños (DelHotel Records)

Coming out of the same NetLabel as the positively spiffing ‘Mr Racoon‘ Four Eyed Boy is an Electro-Pop act who’ve just released their debut EP, ‘Sueños’, which, after a fashion, has a similarly pleasing, upbeat feel to his stable mates effort ‘Katy‘. So, that’s good then, comparison to Mr Racoon can only be a good thing and with Summer looming in the distance cheerful pop is increasingly the order of the day and by the looks of things the Mexican label seems to have enough of it to keep the world supplied for years to come although the quality, as I’m discovering, can be a little sketchy. Continue reading “Four Eyed Boy : Sueños”

Christophe Marc : The Funny Fall

Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall cover

Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall (Jamendo)

After listing Christophe’s single a few days back in my revelatory, consciousness expanding, superlative singles round up I found word reaching me of a fully fledged solo album from the same, my extensive and exhaustive spy network reporting back to me every detail of note from the world of Creative Commons as they do (well, he actually told me about it himself but let’s not split hairs). My curiosity piqued and my appetite for experimental Hip Hop, my latest obsession, finally satiated I meandered over to Jamendo and hit the download button with hope in my heart and a glint in my eye. Or at least a cup of tea in my hand and a few hours to kill. Continue reading “Christophe Marc : The Funny Fall”