Deltron 3030 : Event II release date

Undoubtedly my most eagerly awaited album of 2012, now that I half believe it actually will come out in 2012, and follow up to one of the best Alt-Hip Hop albums of all time ‘Deltron Event II’ has finally been confirmed for a July 21st release. Or May, according to another rumour but as the July date came straight from Kid Koala that’s probably the one to go with. Although given this album’s status as Hip Hop’s Duke Nukem Forever/Chinese Democracy (only in development terms that is, I’m assuming it won’t be shit and/or have Axl Rose on it) I won’t take anything as a certainty until I’ve got it blasting out of some speakers.

A couple of rough demos were released about a year back, in amongst hints that it’d be a 2011 release, unpolished as they are I took them as a positive contact (seewhatididthere!?!) from the Deltron team. If nothing else they at least dispelled some inherent paranoia about what would emerge after 12 years (!) with Del, The Automator and Kid Koala away from their collective Deltron persona.

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Damscray : Horseboy EP


Damscray – Horseboy EP

A while back now I took a listen to Russian Hip-Hoppers SCLWN’s album ‘Everything is OK’ and going by my half imagined memories and the fact that it’s still stored on my MP3 player I’m fairly sure that I said lots of nice things about it. I especially recall lavishing some, slightly scared, love on the music itself which had a nicely deep, intimidating almost industrial feel to it and, lo and behold, the universe has continued to serve my fetish for music to feel slightly unnerved to by giving me this EP. Continue reading “Damscray : Horseboy EP”

Pics Frunk : Puppy Kernel Compilation


Pics Frunk – Puppy Kernel Compilation (Bump Foot)

Coming from Argentine musician Alejandro Nava (a.k.a Pics Frunk) and via Japanese NetLabel ‘Bump Foot’ the ‘Puppy Kernel Compilation’ is proper bedroom producer fair, right down to the creator citing Linux as an influence, which pushes the boundaries of nerdishness to breaking point really, even if that doesn’t mean much with regard to the actually quality here. Continue reading “Pics Frunk : Puppy Kernel Compilation”