Efe Loco : Grande Exitos

More Hip Hop which I can’t understand a word of, the ideal content for me to gain a profound understanding of, of course. Still, as is my usual view of these things, even with a genre so absolutely reliant on lyricism as Hip Hop there’s still something to be heard when it’s listened to almost as a purely instrumental entity. After all, good production can cover for the worst of Rappers but the best of Rappers will still lose out if he’s stuck with a bad beat. Music’s all about the feel, not the intellectual content. Which is nicely pretentious, no? Continue reading Efe Loco : Grande Exitos


Daddy_Scrabble – Thingy

Languorous, luscious and at times slightly torturous Trip Hop/Folk/Jazz today courtesy of Daddy_Scrabble and Black Lantern Music. ‘Thingy’ is a five track EP which meanders along, revelling in brooding, slightly paranoia inducing orchestral structures, not quite manifesting itself as a truly unnerving listening experience but doing just enough in mixing isolated delicacy with surprisingly charming if pessimistically inclined Trip Hoppery. Continue reading Daddy_Scrabble – Thingy


Circling Sharks

Ideals are Free

Last time out I did a fairly limited job of advocating a skill sharing site which, as a lesser function, I believed could help someartists earn some money – a suggestion which led to extensive debate and proved, if it needed proving, that opinions on money in the free music community are divided say the least. A discussion emerged though and, despite disagreements, it remained a matter for those within the wider community to discuss – today I’m asking what happens if an issue like that is taken out of our control; what happens if the sharks close in? Continue reading Circling Sharks


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