Enough Records Manifesto (part 5)

‘To push into other models.’

There are half a dozen different ways to look at today’s point from the Enough Records Manifesto, whether you head in the direction of expanding netaudio into other structures and models of distribution, sharing and community; to create new sound structures under the aegis of absolute freedom offered by the basic concepts of what we do or, as I myself am probably most enthusiastic about, taking the free model that we’ve created and extending it beyond the boundaries of music and into, well, anything and everything. Continue reading “Enough Records Manifesto (part 5)”

Enough Records Manifesto (part 3)

To promote free culture.’ – With this third installment we’re heading towards the trickier end of things. On a practical level this is a fairly easy point to deal with, we all have our immediate impressions of what free culture does and does not entail and with a bit of imagination it’s easy to come to conclusions as to how we can promote it both as individuals and collectively. Continue reading “Enough Records Manifesto (part 3)”

Enough Records Manifesto (part 2)

To explain music genres’ – Probably the biggest lure of free music to both fans and artists is the near absolute creative freedom it grants. There are good reasons for the imbalance towards experimentalism and niche genres within our scene, most notably that the commercial world is usually unready or unwilling to accept the truly different into their own fold whereas the nature of online distribution and low-level community organisation means that the free model allows pretty much anything, no matter how jagged and indigestible, to carve out its own corner and its own success. Continue reading “Enough Records Manifesto (part 2)”

Enough Manifesto (part 1)

As a new contributor to Enough Records I’ve been immediately made at home by the creation of the label’s new manifesto. With my own long history of churning out grand sounding but often faulted ideas it’s a refreshing change, if nothing else, to be confronted with someone elses grand concepts of what role free music obsessives like myself can play within the community and even though intent, in this scene, often fails to convert itself into action I can’t help but feel that little fire of optimism burning when something emerges from the morass of free music opinions and ideas which actually lays out a set of goals that actually stand up to closer scrutiny as opposed to just making a nice side-note for a label’s site. Continue reading “Enough Manifesto (part 1)”