Shlomo : Shlo- Fi EP

Emerging from the highly respectable Error Broadcast net label today we’ve got a lengthy EP effort from Shlohmo, US based producer of spacey, dreamy and futuristic beats which fit into the finest traditions of the nether-regions of Hip-Hop where tales of alien abduction, dystopian, utopian and outright bizarre futures are viewed with the same sort of ingrained acceptance as bitches, ‘hos and 9mms are in the Gangster clique at the far end of the musical spectrum. All of which alone brings up a few predictable comparisons (Deltron 3030 anyone?) but even if Shlohmo’s existing in the same universe as some of those earlier exponents of open, imaginative and fantastical Hip-Hop he’s in a different enough eigenstate to make the comparison a rather redundant, if not at all insulting one. Continue reading “Shlomo : Shlo- Fi EP”

The Black Atlantic : Reverence For Fallen Trees

Soup Indie is, as far as I know, a genre that I’m the only one to have ever mentioned. Which either makes it a unique act of observation worthy of one of the most transcendant geniuses of our time or, and this is the more likely reason, it’s just a bit of a shit definition which no one else has any use for. Either way I stand by it, for the sake of arrogance if nothing else, I made it up, it must have some use to someone. Anyway, for the uninitiated, Soup Indie as I use it refers to that sub-genre of Indie (and occasionally Folk) which overwhelmingly seeks to submerge the listener in an audio duvet, where they can sit insulated from the rest of the universe and let their mood be dictated by the warm, unthreatening tones of the music. It’s a good genre, sometimes, and even if it’s rather unlikely to inspire any solid emotion or passion it does at least offer a comfortable neutrality which can be indulged in during all those times where life demands nothing more than a little indifference. And I’m going to start using the term more too, which is pure arrogance again I suspect. Continue reading “The Black Atlantic : Reverence For Fallen Trees”

Kauders – Brian Invited June

Some musical ideas always seem better on paper than they do when manifested for the listener. The same can be said of all art I suppose, or at least all art where the process is internal to one creator; the force of that seed of inspiration means that it takes form before there’s any pause given to actually consider what’s being done. It’s certainly the habitual curse of experimental efforts where the often vast intricacy of the sound becomes too immediate and clear to the maker to ever offer more than a mess of contradictions and absurdism to the listener. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t work at times but the successes are far rarer than the failures and the victims of their own perceived creativity and genius are far more common than those innovators who have actually created something from the seed of an idea which is worth hearing beyond the walls of their own reality tunnel. Anyway, enough of the preamble because there is actually a review to be done here. Continue reading “Kauders – Brian Invited June”

Sleep.shy : Gallapagos Inn

Stop, start, stop, start, stop, start. A curious album today. Technically I suppose it’d be ‘Indie’ and, unlike most, I do place some stock in the concept of genres given that most musicians who say they can’t define themselves in such an ordered manner are usually just a bit deluded and desperate to feel different. Anyway, Galapagos Inn, Indie, with a dash of Electro, a hefty dollop of Folk and a dribble of something a bit more abstract. Potentially a nice mix but one which, to a certain degree, leads back to my opening statement of ‘start, stop, start, stop’, which wasn’t intended to be as cryptic as it perhaps seemed. Continue reading “Sleep.shy : Gallapagos Inn”