It’s rare, these days, for me to pay real attention to Jamendo. Way back when I first tripped over free music I treated the place as a hub, the first check-in point whenever I felt like finding something new and for the most part it worked. Continue reading “Jamendo”

Poetical or Political?

When I’m writing for this site, or just rambling incoherently about free music, I habitually refer to ‘us’, the movement that is, the free music scene which provides a common thread to bind together a vast number of completely different individuals into some sense of collective belief. Or at least that’s the theory. Continue reading “Poetical or Political?”

Free Music Evangelising

One of the biggest tricks the free music movement is missing at the moment is one which is all too often barred to us by the very mediums we chose to use. I’ve noted before, fairly bitterly in fact, the near absurd preference the scene seems to show for electronic and experimental music and, for what it’s worth, I maintain that the balance we maintain genre wise is an unhealthy and all too often self-indulgent one. Continue reading “Free Music Evangelising”