We’re Not Alone?

Concrete re-enforced Clubhouse

Like a lot of good things in life free music exists in it’s own little room, packed to capacity with enthusiastic, occasionally smart and usually quite obsessive people all looking towards the great pile of music in the center and mumbling amongst themselves about how great it all is. Continue reading “We’re Not Alone?”

Spreaking Free

Hearing voices…

I might be amongst the last to notice, or, in my permanently dazed (and often confused) state, I might be the only one who sees it at all, but of late there seems to be a growing sense of schizophrenia around the free music movement. More and more people seem to be fixing their eyes on the core of what we’re doing and trying to figure out what the hell’s actually there and what we should be doing about it. Continue reading “Spreaking Free”

Safari : By Existence

Coming from the Indonesian Hujan Records netlabel The Safari offer up an eclectic mix of Punk, Garage (and Surf) Rock, Pop and general toe-tapping goodness on their short album ‘By Existence’ (or ‘Demi Eksistensi’, to give it it’s proper name), all with an easy sense of coolness which makes for an immediately enjoyable all-round effort. Continue reading “Safari : By Existence”

Mildtape : Dub Alpina

I like Dub. I like the archetypal deep beats, the wandering, ponderous path the music follows, the immersive rhythyms which drag you in – I like all of it and from the innovators of the genre onwards to the sea of bedroom producers we have today I can pretty much always find something which works for me. It is, however, a very lazy genre. Barring one or two notable exceptions Dub makers are rarely given to random experimentation; the foundations of the music are clearly laid out and they’re more than solid enough for most just to indulge in the minorest of variations in their work, hoping, presumably, that even if the structure is as predictable as ever they’ll make the right minor adjustment to make their work stand out. Mostly, however, they fail. Continue reading “Mildtape : Dub Alpina”

Keshco : Accountants By Day

A bit of a mongrel offering today with ‘Accountants By Day’ from Kescho, released on the Swedish net label 23 Seconds – from which on the first listen alone you can pick up hints of everyone from Donovan to The Libertines, via The Coral, The Fugs and any number of ‘odd’ Indie in-betweeners, which isn’t a bad mix at all really although it does make for something of a scattered album. Continue reading “Keshco : Accountants By Day”