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Kuato Trump

Imagine, if your stomach can take it, being with Donald Trump on one of his wedding nights. Imagine standing there nervously as the big man strips down, discarding even his gold lame y-fronts and socks. Imagine that moment of self doubt as you wonder whether it was worth the gain to tie the knot with the millionaire Donald.

What lies beneath..?
What lies beneath..?

And then imagine that moment when the hair comes off and, beneath the synthetic weave, the darkest of rumours prove true. And there looking back/up at you from his baldy pate is a creature not entirely unlike Kuato from Total Recall. A groaning, wheezing homunculus, gasping for air once free of it’s stifling disguise. Eyeing you arrogantly and planning who knows what behind those beady, sinister eyes. Continue reading Kuato Trump