7 From the Abyss

During the process of digging through and re-posting all the reviews I did have backed up from Beat Lizard I’ve become acutely aware of the big gapping holes left by the ones I’ve lost. An unknown number of reviews, articles and features are unhappily now lost to the dark forests of electronic oblivion where I can only hope their spirits (for all lost writing has a soul – as any fool knows) have deftly avoided the shortbread house and instead found peace in a palace full of 72 virgin maids granted by the Almighty in deference to the good work they did in spreading the holy word of good music. And as is ever the way those of us left behind must keep up the good work with ever renewed vigor so, tears choked back and heart turned to ice, I’m going to give a brief fumbling seeing to to those albums I have loved enough to write about but which have been lost to the written archives of The Laikanist… Continue reading “7 From the Abyss”