YouSir – Hostile Takeover EP

Just a little something I made years and years ago. Recently disappeared from the internet as the site it was on culled their archives, so here it is again on Band Camp. It was a labour of love, although possibly not much talent but I’m still happy to have it out there. And it’s free to stream/download so feel free to have a listen. Electronic noodlings.

Klezmer + House of Pain = Success

In fact Klezmer + pretty much anything = success but that’s just stating the obvious. Anyway, an old track from an old Budabeats (home of Suhov and others) release for you today. Technically not a massive innovation but if you can listen to this and not find yourself starting to twitch to the all consuming catchiness then you’re barely even human my friend. One of those incredibly simple mixes which just works.

The full album this is from (VA – Budabootie) can be found here although well made as it is there’s nothing to match the stand out track Faroff’s ‘House of Klezmer’.

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Ogmios : The Last Picnic

[bandcamp album=3700813001 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

Some meandering beats, intelligent lyricism and some nice ideas with this Dub tinged Hip Hop album from Ogmios. There’s a good range of concepts from track to track, all in the Conscious Rap (a relatively pointless term I know) vain but clever enough in filling in the more interesting imagery and ideas to make for an album worth a proper listen. Continue reading “Ogmios : The Last Picnic”