Spoken Word & Holy Squatters

While I’m waiting for the edit to come through on my next book I’ve been experimenting with a few side-projects. Including some spoken word stuff which I’ve been dabbling with today. More of a distraction than anything I’m not expecting a great audience for it but it’s nice to try some different mediums and see how the nature of a story changes in the vocal re-telling. Still in the dicking around stage at the moment and obviously I’m doing it on a shoestring budget so quality isn’t great but just to give you a sample here’s my reading of ‘Holy Squatter’, a story I wrote a few years back and which, out of the long list of them, got picked up for recording…

Holy Squatter

She made the sign of the cross, uncertain of who was looking. Not Jesus, she was grimly certain of that. Not the Father or the Holy Ghost either, the Trinity were either wholly blind, wholly indifferent or wholly non-existent when it came to her. An apathy she did her best to return.¬†The Mother Superior however was all too real a force. Seemingly unperturbed by spiritual obligations she maintained an iron resolve when it came to the practical routines of the faith. It was easier by far to act out the niceties¬†of divine service than to risk the repercussions of being caught out avoiding them. Proof absolute, as far as Maria was concerned, that faith was hollow. Heaven and all it’s host had shrugged indifferently at her newly found atheism, it was only flesh and blood mortals who might care enough to intervene. And even then only to intervene as far as hounding her into morning prayers rather than caring if she felt them. Blunt instruments for a supposedly transcendent Lord. Continue reading “Holy Squatter”