Entertainment for the Braindead : SUN

I love Entertainment for the Braindead (aka Julia Kotowski). Years back I discovered one of her early albums, put out by Aaahh Records on Jamendo and her work has, over the years, consistently featured in my musical rotation. My favourites have shifted, over time, most recently to Trivialities  but prior to that I’d have been hard pressed to pick between Roadkill and Hypersomnia. Even as my musical fixations have shifted though my love for her work has remained.

Lyrically heavy, poignant and beautiful – musically delicate, perfectly formed and variably haunting, striking and serene every new release from EftB has offered up something that catches me.

SUN is no exception so I’ve no hesitation in recommending it. Take it as a starting point rather than just a quick listen though, there’s a lot more in her catalogue worth hearing.

The Wind Whistles : Window Sills


The Wind Whistles – Window Sills (Aaahh Records)

Even more Folk today with Aaah Records prolific tourers ‘The Wind Whistles’, stable mates of the indifferent Keyboard Rebels and the really rather good Entertainment for the Braindead this Canadian duo fit somewhere in the middle of the bunch. Window Sills is overall a genuinely likable album, it’s not particularly exciting, it’s not exactly inspiring or innovative but it is really, really nice. There’s a steady stream of Folk coming through these days which fits into the ‘nice’ mould and whilst it can, generally, end up being a rather dull mass of identikit music The Wind Whistles manage to get away with it by doing it better than most. Continue reading “The Wind Whistles : Window Sills”

William Elmore : I fell in love… EP


William Elmore – I fell in love… and all I got was this lousy broken heart EP (Jamendo)

As I was downloading this I was feeling rather hopeful, the list of influences on Elmore’s MySpace left me with dreams of a Donovan-esque psychadelic Folk adventure which seemed like the perfect soundtrack to lying in bed with food poisoning (Kebabs, so many cliches, so much truth) but, as ever, my delicate hopes were dashed to at least some extent by the cold, hard fist of reality. Continue reading “William Elmore : I fell in love… EP”

Entertainment for the Braindead : Hydrophobia

Entertainment for the Braindead – Hydrophobia (Aaahh Records)

It’s unnerving when music makes you feel slightly nervous. Especially when the music is, in theory, about as unnerving as a sack full of kittens on a temperate Spring morning in a meadow full of blooming flowers. And it’s even more bizarre when, at first glance, the music you’re listening to is from the same routinely dull stable of female singer/songwriters as any number of sultry toned, ‘eccentric’ and all too often twee chart regulars, much beloved of people who’d rather not actually hear the music they’re listening to. Still, such oddities do appear in this world of ours and Entertainment for the Braindead, solo project of German, Julia Kotowski and a host of random instruments which’d be the envy of most anyone, does a good job of suprising. Continue reading “Entertainment for the Braindead : Hydrophobia”