Gone Archivin’

Over the years I’ve run a fair few sites, mostly about free and Creative Commons licensed music but I’ve never been too fussy about straying from the theme. At various points a fair bit of work has gone into finding and reviewing good, independently released music from some very talented people. And while my focus these days is pretty much exclusively on my own work I thought it would be a good idea to keep those archives up here for posterity, especially as quite a lot of the music covered disappeared with far less attention than it deserved.

As a lot of this stuff has been transfered across more than one site there’s every chance that links will be broken, information outdated and images lost. One day I’ll try to fix all of that but today certainly isn’t that day. If you’re an artist or happen to know any updated info though don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll fix what I can. And the same goes for new releases from people or labels I’ve previously covered, I may not review any more but I’m always happy to share good new stuff where I can.

You can explore the backlog under the Archive tab on the main menu.

The Creative UnCommons - Logo design by Allan King
The Creative UnCommons – Logo design by Allan King

Compilation from the later defunct Net Label Coalition
Compilation from the later defunct Net Label Coalition – Click image for download

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Humble Pious : Nam Kyo

It’s been a while since I reviewed ‘The Crow’ which featured the collective efforts of the Kojak Brothers (Humble Pious being amongst them) and despite my less than glowing opinions at the time I still find myself sticking it on from time to time because, doubts aside, there was some good stuff there beyond the predictably solid beats from Mr Loop (quick recommendation for ‘Hunger Pains’, stand out track from the album and paen to the stoner reality). Continue reading “Humble Pious : Nam Kyo”

Mr Loop & Mark from the Zoo : ZooLoop

There are plenty of good producers floating around out there, throw a metaphorical brick around these parts and you’re almost guaranteed to hear it bouncing catchily off of an instrumental album which at the very least is decent. Mr Loop, however, is amongst the best and not just because his sampled style genuinely rings out as smart, intricate and interesting regardless of the lyrics laid over them.

The reason why there’s been a streak of top end releases like The Bury All, Music from the Tannhauser Gate and The Crow isn’t just that Mr Loop’s good at what he does, although that certainly helps, it’s that unlike a whole army of aspiring producers out on the fringes, he actually finds and works with the right people. All the usual complaints about the artistry of the production being mired in cheap, lazy or clichéd flows are silenced when it comes to Mr Loop. Even where I’ve been less than stunned by the vocal contributions, as was the case on The Crow with the Kojak Brothers there’s still an awareness coming up from the beat of what works for the rapper and what doesn’t. Continue reading “Mr Loop & Mark from the Zoo : ZooLoop”