You own the houses
the streets
the shops
the grass
the grey
the ground
the walls
the sky

There’s no taking them back
but do you have to take the rest?

Do you need the feelings?
the love
the anger
the security?

Do you need our past?
do you need every memory
every lost evening
every lazy day
every fear
and every hope?

You don’t even know you have them
but you do
and all we’ve got left
is the long list
of your possessions
and a fading memory
of where they came from

Pre-Packed ID

It’s a theft
a knife to the throat jacking
where the blade goes deep enough
to bleed out something living
something vital
that a mechanical thief has no use for
beyond purging it
and pumping it back
to victims they’ve kicked while down
and robbed once up

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