Sonic BOOM

Every now and then a song comes up on shuffle to remind me that, once upon a time, I tried my hand at making some music. An entirely amateur attempt it basically boiled down to being obsessed with fiddling on a computer for a month or so. Although in a surprising blur of productivity it did yield up some things which, for nostalgia’s sake, I’m posting today…

Ghostown : Reflectionz

Ghostown – Reflectionz cover

Ghostown – Reflectionz (Jamendo)

How cutting edge am I? Discovering and reviewing albums released a mere 7 months ago, trend setter me, a latter day John Peel. Anyway, Reflectionz is an albums worth of eclectic Hip Hop which does eccentric as it should be done, hurling in acordians and random styles without allowing them to take over any track in a gimmicky manner. Certainly things could be pushed further, experimented with more but nonetheless, it’s good to see it being done at all. It’s not dark music, but it is heavy, it bubbles along with a relatively up beat feel but there’s that little something about the beat which adds an edge to it all, a bit like their quasi-namesake really and that’s an excellent feel to have to an album. There’s nothing blunt here, there’s a fair few different levels being worked but none of them has been hurled in without thought and the production is really rather excellent. Continue reading “Ghostown : Reflectionz”

The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab cover

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab (Jamendo)

The normal habit for people posting their work on Jamendo is to say ‘we can’t define ourselves by a genre’, which is annoying and usually completely untrue but such is life I suppose. A rather more bizarre habit though is to list genres which you clearly have nothing to do with, which I can only assume The Wagner Logic did by accident when they typed ‘Punk’ in the little box given that, in the words of Bill Bailey, they’re about ‘as Punk as Enya’. Now I hope it was a typo on their behalf but it could just be that in the wilds of Alaska anyone who manages to stir themselves from their hibernation long enough to cobble together an album of rather dull Indie is rated as a radical free spirit, raging against the system and fighting the machine, or polar bears, or whatever it is Alaskans do. Continue reading “The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab”

The Dada Weatherman : The Green Waltz


The Dada Weatherman – The Green Waltz (Jamendo)

It’s one of the best bits of Creative Commons music, the fact that you can randomly download something simply because you like the bands name. In fact you can download a dozen albums a day without pausing for a second to think about whether it’s worth it, it turns the internet into one big sweet shop for the wide eyed kids of the music loving world, free to jam audio chocolate down our throats until we’re left bloated, vomiting and suffering from occasional heart pain and diabetes. It’s got to be one of the few settings where greed really is good. Although clearly not one where the metaphors bring similar joy. Continue reading “The Dada Weatherman : The Green Waltz”

Chewbaska : The Shape of Ska to Come


Chewbaska – The Shape of Ska to Come

More Ska Punk? Why yes, yes indeedy. Well, almost yes at any rate given that today’s offering actually leans more to the side of the Ska than the Punk which is unsurprisingly no disappointment to me at least. Hailing, like Guarapita, from France, Chewbaska offer up an EP of what is basically old fashioned Second Wave Ska. Think Madness with a nostalgic dash of The Skatalites and you’re more or less there and that’s a mix which in these Ska deprived days is no bad thing. Continue reading “Chewbaska : The Shape of Ska to Come”