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When We Loved

You cornered me with love
a contortion into hate
between what you said
and what you did
who you claimed
and who you were
a chaotic contradiction
out of which I ended up believing
that to control
was to care
and to fear
was to feel

You wielded over me all the power I longed for
through force you shaped my self
while I wished to have a different form
but incapable I gave myself over to you
to make me what I thought was better
but which turned out to be just you,
your image,
your dream
and your ideal
broken imitations
of who I used to be
and corrupted lies
of who I should be

In the end I broke our love
or so you said
yanking at frayed ropes which had bound me
trying to drag me back into your world
as I sought out a new one

I’d like to say the power is mine now,
that my hands took over
but I know that’s not true
over every move I make
lingers your so called love
eager to recount
another cruel fable
of who I used to be
and who I should be

Time stands at my side though
the time I need to forget
and regrow
beyond the chaotic contradiction
of your love


Neither Light Nor Dark But You

In the sudden glow of fortune
the half light of discontent
the darkened shades of mourning
and starlight of lone laments
in the burning forgotten embers
of loving words now spent
and the blazing flames of glory
when we were what we present
in the flickering glow of quiet times
where silence gave us life
and the burning sear of flaming flesh
where redemption drowned in strife
in minor sparks
of minor words
that made each day alive
and the dying blaze
of ending days
that concluded our bright life
in all these lights and shadows long
I knew what I would see
your loving hand
reached out to me
my endless certainty

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Fading Form (Mass Tourism)

Bury me,
eclipse me,
consume me,
draw blood
and steal flesh,
drain all that I have
leave waste you bestow
on ignored lice
eager to feed
on poor leavings

Rigid and frail though
my bones emerge
if scarred,
from the gluttonous onslaught
and within them lies marrow,
the final meat of my form
forgotten by greed
but matter enough
to give new growth
not now,
not yet
but when fattened and dull
you forget your meal
and leave me
to my silence