Space FM is now Pick Your Price!

Following up on Crashed America going ‘Pick Your Price’ this week it’s Space FM’s turn. You can grab your copy over here. As ever one of the prices you can pick is zero but I’ll re-post last weeks call for support below just to prod at your sense of human decency, should you happen to have one. Anyway, enjoy!

(Short Story) Hurtled an unknown distance into the black abyss of space? Crash landed on an unknown planet? Are the locals caught up in the midst of a schizophrenic Armageddon? Do they make your old life of Elvis impersonators and being a crash dummy for space ships seem normal by comparison? Then this is the book for you.

And if none of the above apply then this is still the book for you, because you never know what’s around the corner.

Space FM is a pint sized hit of strange Sci Fi from Dylan Malik Orchard, author of ‘Laikanist Times’ and ‘Crashed America’. Both (possibly) seminal masterpieces enjoyed by millions and revered by more. Ranging through Absurdism, space, the surreal and a mini-Rat Pack it’s everything you want – no, everything you need – to get by.

It goes without saying – although I’m going to say it anyway – that any support you can offer is very welcome. I’m happy to share my work for free because I believe that everyone should have access to art and culture and I’d far rather see it read by a lot of people for nothing than by a handful of people for a few pounds in my pocket. That said though writing a book, any book, is a lot of work and while the internet can make things like writing, music and film seem like they spring out of nothing for your enjoyment there’s a lot of effort and a lot of hours invested in doing what I (and musicians, film makers, artists etc) do. So if you enjoy it please do consider offering your support in one way or another. Obviously as you can choose your price there are options other than but if you’re not in a position to spend some money, or you just flat out don’t want to, then the next best thing is to post a review on a site like Amazon or Goodreads, or even here on the product page. It’s also very much appreciated if you share it on any of your social networks or just prod a friend to grab their own copy. Sure, even just signing up to my mailing list and keeping an eye open for new stuff means a lot and makes doing what I do a lot easier. There are also other books by me which you can straight up pay for if you’re willing.

The internet, at it’s best, is a massive ocean of good, easily accessible culture, art, communication and information – the only way it stays that way though is by each of us working to support it.



ComBot 4000

The ComBot was a mystery to most of the faculty. A few years ago one of the less socially gifted students had presented it with smug ceremony at a meeting of the various department heads. They’d been very proud and everyone had done their best to act impressed but no-one really felt sure why it was there or what it was supposed to do. The Lecturer in Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Robotics had done his best to explain it. She’d even made a Power Point presentation, with animated singing sloths and everything. But the slide show had made little difference. Especially to the Humanities lecturers who took to heckling about half way through, hurling the odd empty beer can for good measure. Ultimately she’d given it up as a futile endeavour and simply assured them that it was really very impressive and made everyone at the university look very smart. Which had gone down well all round. With the vocal exception of the Head of the Theology Department who said he’d seen The Matrix and that it was all going to end in tears. Continue reading “ComBot 4000”

Coming soon – Space FM

Beamed down in the final seconds before the Philae lander’s batteries gave up the ghost I’m happy to present you with the cover for my upcoming short ‘Space FM’. Designed by alien lifeforms on a comet far, far away as a special favour to yours truly (friends in high places y’see?) it’s in the same vain as the Laikanist Times cover, an intentional similarity. Hopefully brings a bit of uniformity to the eclectic mess of stuff I write, with Sci Fi stuff sharing a certain something.

Anyway, here you go!

potential space fm cover web version

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Mambo Martian-o

Bit of a revision of my release schedule as vaguely hinted at here but I’m nonetheless glad to say that very soon I’ll be releasing a new (long) short story. It’s a little something I’ve been sitting on for a while and the original plan was to drip feed it through on this site, but as there are bigger projects coming which’ll be sampled here I figured I’d try something new.

So this story, at the moment still untitled, will be released exclusively on Amazon for the low low price of 99p. A bit of an experiment really but as I’m sure you’ll all agree I’m worth at least 40% of the price of a manky cup of coffee from Starbucks – right? And in this brave new world of Indie Publishing you’ve got to try anything short of black market organ trading and prostitution to get by. Hell, even they’re on the list of options should times get particularly hard.

Currently I’m doing the last edit, sorting some cover art for the ebook and doing the assorted mundane bits and pieces that make the whole process that much less joyful. A sample chapter will be coming in due course and I’m not going to say much until then beyond ‘Sci-Fi’ and ‘Strange’, which should be enough for anyone really. What I have done though is run up a little playlist, as is my habit, that I feel frames the story nicely. Plus I get to have a drink and listen to some good music while I line up the tracks, which is never a bad thing.

If you’re interested in knowing more about project ‘Strange and Sci-Fi’ be sure to sign up to the newsletter, follow me on Twitter, carve my name on your chest and sacrifice your first born to me. No American Express though.

And as a bit of a side note – we landed a very small thing on a very far away thing the other day. Humanity, what a species. My endless respect to those behind the Philae lander project and hello to the strange and terrifying life forms we’ve undoubtedly awoken on that comet.

Coming soon, to a brain near you

One of these days novel – POW – straight to the moon!

Just a brief update today to distract me from a brief distraction from work on my next novel (Codename: The Russian Dwarf Hamster Almanac (subject to change)). The brief distraction from the novel is either a long short story or a short novella, depending on your point of view, which I hope to have done within the next couple of weeks.

Initially it was for a magazine submission but things have a habit of spiralling out of control. And now it’s kind of gone beyond the length of most magazines, let alone their gap for short stories. It’ll either be released part by part on this site for free (!) or as a proper ebook for a low low price (99p?) depending on what it comes out as in the end.

Not much by way of details I can share at the moment but if you check back soon I’ll see if I can throw up a short sample. Gotta keep my air of mystery after all right? What I will say though is ‘Sci Fi’ – although that means nothing really does it? Such is the joy of writin’.