Loki – G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest)

I remember hearing Loki a couple of years back when I was first digging into the Scottish Hip Hop scene. I liked him the and I like him now, so it’s good to see that his upcoming album already seems to be getting a lot of much deserved love. There’s been solid praise from those stopped clock (still right twice a day despite being generally useless) pricks at Vice as well as the likes of NME. Good times and hopefully a sign of a long overdue expansion of the Scottish scene south of Hadrian’s Wall.

Only had a quick listen to the album so far but it’s enough to keep me listening and past form suggests good things. Personal honesty and proud (and realistic) Socialist politics too so far, without straying into beard stroking ‘conscious’ Hip Hop or smug pontification – always good to see.

mISTAh bOhzE : bLASToid mcgONagle

It takes a fair bit of distance between listening and writing to say anything at all about this début solo LP from the veteran Mistah Bohze. Up close it’s a gloriously chaotic array of beats, samples and lyricism, which for intelligently designed eclecticism can properly be said to be comparable to the more free form end of Jazz. In fact you can run the full gamut of original and creatively adventurous genres in the search for a decent way to describe this album and at the end you’re unlikely to have said anything which really explains it. Which makes it a bit of a pain in the arse to write any coherent reviews of to be honest, but it’s one of those good problems to have given how good Blastoid McGonagle actually is. Continue reading “mISTAh bOhzE : bLASToid mcgONagle”