Mr Loop – Things from the Other Place

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Mr Loop – Things from the Other Place 

Ever since I first heard Music From the Tannhauser Gate I’ve been something of a Mr Loop fan boy. As a producer he’s very good, with a knack for picking out the right sample and the right beat for the right moment. So far so good. But even better, as a collaborator he’s absolutely f’kin brilliant. Consistently working with the best guys from subculture of UK Hip Hop which defines itself not quite by being ‘conscious’, with all the frequent claims to pretension and smugness that has, but by being smart, honest and witty. With the end result being a body of work which mixes easy honesty, occasionally malevolent humour and smart rhymes which work on their own terms without desperately trying to impress.

On Things from the Other Place I’d hold up ‘Barfly’ as the stand out track, with Mark from the Zoo renewing his relationship from ZooLoop with Mr Loop. Albeit with a slightly more light-hearted approach to the trials and tribulations of solo drinking than that album possessed with it’s inclination towards the dark side. Although there’s no difference in the depth of the feeling related from one to the other. And even in it’s more meandering moments there’s an abundance of quality lyrics here. It’s just very well made, which is what you’d expect from something with the Loop name on it really.

You can download Things from the Other Place over at BandCamp on a pick your price sort of deal – so for anything from free to a fortune. As with all such releases though showing some love boosts the odds of more appearing in the future and of keeping the flame of good music alive in times to come.

Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana : A Slice of Fried Gold

[bandcamp album=1850183307 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

Well it’s UK Hip Hop old timer Syntax and Tom Caruana – variable but undoubtedly talented producer, with a new album which samples Edgar Wright’s work (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead et al) and is loosely related to his work. Although in practice that just means that Dr Syntax’s usual lyrical humour and self-deprecation forms a pretty natural fit with the samples. Early impressions? Good stuff, especially ‘My House’ but I’m still on my first listen so expect more superfluous opinions in due course.

Humble Pious : Nam Kyo

It’s been a while since I reviewed ‘The Crow’ which featured the collective efforts of the Kojak Brothers (Humble Pious being amongst them) and despite my less than glowing opinions at the time I still find myself sticking it on from time to time because, doubts aside, there was some good stuff there beyond the predictably solid beats from Mr Loop (quick recommendation for ‘Hunger Pains’, stand out track from the album and paen to the stoner reality). Continue reading “Humble Pious : Nam Kyo”