Giraffula : Sounds By

[bandcamp album=1199402859 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]   Not my usual cup of tea but a nice enough dose of Electro Indie nonetheless.

The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab (Jamendo) The normal habit for people posting their work on Jamendo is to say ‘we can’t define ourselves by a genre’, which is annoying and usually completely untrue but such is life I suppose….

The Wind Whistles – Animals Are People Too

The Wind Whistles – Animals Are People Too (Aaahh Records) Another release here from those prolific purveyors of Indie Folk, Aaahh Records who, as well as being home to the habitually excellent Julia Kotowski (also known as Entertainment for the Braindead)…

The Shark Bubbles : Night Train

Ever cutting edge in my musical tastes I’m sitting down today to review an EP from 2006 that’s made by a band who have an album freshly released this year. Pitchfork and NME evidently have nothing on me, well, NME…

The Black Atlantic : Reverence For Fallen Trees

Soup Indie is, as far as I know, a genre that I’m the only one to have ever mentioned. Which either makes it a unique act of observation worthy of one of the most transcendant geniuses of our time or,…