Barney Farmer – Coketown

“Pasts remembered,pasts forgot,pasts denied,passed are not. When childhood friends meet again to reminisce and compare scars a fresh wound waits just around the corner. One rainy night at the wrong end of town, and a pub crawl along Memory Lane…

More Drawings

Few more pictures from my latest, er, style? Obsession? Repetitive hand movements? I dunno… More over on Instagram.

London Drawings

Given my recent obsession with drawing – sometimes well and sometimes badly – I thought I’d share my latest effort here. A series of three pictures all inspired by the city. Not, I’m sad to say, in a particularly good…

More Art

More art, all drawn in London over the past month or so.

Calypso Rose – Calypso Queen

New to me but Calypso Rose is, apparently, an institution. Long may she reign as Queen of Calypso…