Crashed America – Coming Soo-…

… oh wait, it’s already arrived. Yes folks Crashed America has been up and available for nigh on 24 hours now and, as the sky hasn’t fallen and I haven’t thrown myself out of the window in despair I’d say it’s all going fairly well. Of course as I live on the ground floor that doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Today and many days to come are set to be consumed by frenetic attempts to spread the good word and get people to check the book out. I’m already practising my Evangelical preacher’s perma-grin and gradually building up to the point of standing up on buses and asking rush hour commuters whether or not they’ve heard the ‘good word’.  So keep an eye out for that on your way back from work and be sure to ask for a signed copy before I become ‘awkward’ and they have to throw me off.

Work wise I’m thinking on what to do next, a podcast/radio short is in the pipeline as well as some short stories that fit somewhere around Crashed America but too soon to say which’ll come first. For now though, back to that proselytizing…

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