Laikanist Times Giveaway

Laikanist Times is the story of one planet divided by a few million years and a fistful of species divides. While the Bald Chimps are seeing apparitions and finding God (or possibly Dog) the dogs are indulging in some quantum meddling and the humans? Well, they had their time.

To break up the monotony of plagues, recessions, the end of days and all the other sundry woes 2020 is heaping on us all I’m offering my novella Laikanist Times for free through ’til the end of August. And it’s 99% guaranteed to not include any pandemic inducing diseases, but don’t quote me on that.

Free Downloads:

Laikanist Times EPUB

Laikanist Times MOBI

Guide to eBook Readers, if you need one…

Book Two in the (eventual) trilogy is also out now and available direct from this site as I slowly and carefully step away from Amazon.

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