No Cure for Shell Shock

Loathe to try and give background on poetry given that everyone will get from it what they’ll get and any message I have should be contained in the verse. But, as you lose a lot of context online when you don’t (necessarily) know the author and can’t hear a reading I will say that this isn’t written for the love of Jesus. I’m Agnostic at best and generally a Godless Atheist. This is an anti-war piece. Or at least a piece against the reactions that some have had to veterans. And now I’ll shut up…

They tell skeletons to walk
corpses to dance
remains to re-form

Let Jesus guide you,
you are the resurrection and the light
and to fail
to fall back into your grave
the weight of dirt cracking your bones
and cold earth claiming your breath
is to commit the ultimate sin

We, the living, may scatter in cemetaries
but only you, the dead, can read the names

And only if you refuse to rise
to be Jesus
do you deny the redemption we demand

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