Crashed America by Dylan Malik Orchard Novel

Crashed America – Free eBook

Another book going out for free today – Crashed America, my first novel. Available in a variety of formats or you can grab the physical copy here. As always if you enjoy it, share it and review it – you…

No Cure for Shell Shock Cover

No Cure for Shell Shock – Free eBook

To start with the good bit – my collection of poetry and prose, No Cure for Shell Shock, is available as a free download if you just click below. No Cure for Shell Shock (PDF) No Cure for Shell Shock is intended as the…

I’ve been everywhere, man

Well, I’ve been to a lot of places at least but not as many as Laikanist Times is starting to go to. It’s now available for free on both Scribd and Barnes & Noble (as well as Smashwords and this site)….