Entertainment for the Braindead – Sleep

A bit of beauty in these harsh times. Highly recommend everything Julia Kotowski (EftBD) has ever done, all beautiful, all worth hearing. All free too, so even better.

Gone Archivin’

Over the years I’ve run a fair few sites, mostly about free and Creative Commons licensed music but I’ve never been too fussy about straying from the theme. At various points a fair bit of work has gone into finding…

Humble Pious : Nam Kyo

It’s been a while since I reviewed ‘The Crow’ which featured the collective efforts of the Kojak Brothers (Humble Pious being amongst them) and despite my less than glowing opinions at the time I still find myself sticking it on…

Dr Syntax : Still At Large (mixed by DJ Woody)

[bandcamp album=386983655 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3] It’s a Doc Syntax mixtape, how much more needs saying? (Click image for more)

Mr Loop & Mark from the Zoo : ZooLoop

There are plenty of good producers floating around out there, throw a metaphorical brick around these parts and you’re almost guaranteed to hear it bouncing catchily off of an instrumental album which at the very least is decent. Mr Loop,…