Crashed America, gercha Crashed America here

Well, not quite but nearly. Picking up tips from the Big Book of Indie Publishing I’ll be sending out advance copies of Crashed America for review over the next few weeks. eBook only at this point and with the proviso…

iCame, iSaw, iTunes

I once used a Ouiji board to get in touch with Steve Jobs and tell him that I thought his products were vastly overrated, his distribution system overly controlling and his company greedy and lawsuit happy. As an act of…

Why Indie?

Well, I figure a good first post on my new site would be one which answers a question which I’ve barely even asked myself so far, why Indie publishing? Now over the months to come there’s going to be more…

Giraffula : Sounds By

[bandcamp album=1199402859 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]   Not my usual cup of tea but a nice enough dose of Electro Indie nonetheless.

The Wagner Logic : Easiest to Grab

The Wagner Logic – Easiest to Grab (Jamendo) The normal habit for people posting their work on Jamendo is to say ‘we can’t define ourselves by a genre’, which is annoying and usually completely untrue but such is life I suppose….