Crashed America - Dark Comedy - Novel

McCarrick Christmas Special

ET and Waco did mount up the sled shaking off cold and giving out dread in neon red camo they went out to ride with drinks in their hands and guns at their sides ‘Farewell’ cried the kiddies, their Ma…

Flag of the Soviet Union - Hammer and Sickle

The Ballad of Moscow Pete

Pete shed a lonely tear, not bothering to wipe it away. The last of them was gone, dead and burned up with a mixed fanfare of denunciations and praise. All those years devoted to the cause and what was left?…

Crashed America - Dark Comedy - Novel

Make Hetsaw Great Again

“TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” Earl hadn’t expected the alarm call, but then he hadn’t expected to wake up in the gutter of Hetsaw’s historic Main Street either. Life was full of surprises. “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” Peeling his face off of the…