Boise Idaho - Short Story - Escaping Idaho

Escaping Idaho

I’d been dead for five years by the time I decided to stick my head back above the edge of the shallow grave that was Boise, Idaho. Why I did it, I don’t know. Being dead had been good to…

The Rhythm of Life

“We can’t stop here, this is Cat country!” It wasn’t the ideal line to hear from a bus driver, especially as he overshot my stop and picked up speed on an increasingly mad dash through Catford. I tightened my grip…

The Devil Wears Gold

It’s the end of days or so they say in corridors of power The Devil he rode in to town shot the Sheriff, ran him down he came in with a soulless swagger full of spite and sinner’s glamour a…

I Saw Them

In beauty I saw them in beauty they lived and just for a second they had all I could give But the real sorry truth of the human endevour is that nothing like beauty can last forever